How to transfer OLM to MBOX?

olm to mbox transfer

When you think about converting Outlook 2011 to MBOX, there are a lot of things that you need to know. They may be related to conversion of data, choosing the right conversion solution, the problems that you may face and a lot of more other things. You need to be aware about everything to always keep your conversion process in check.

But handling everything together can be really overwhelming. Especially for people with non-technical background. There is a lot to understand about the technical aspect of the process and it wouldn’t come that much in use. With the right conversion solution, you can skip it all together. It’ll be the only thing that you need in order to move your data between your favorite file formats. Read on and find out more about this right conversion solution.

OLM Extractor Pro: Solution that Fits Like a Glove

Every conversion process has its own requirements and needs different features to meet the different needs. The conversion solution that you choose should be able to meet the needs of different conversion processes without any complications. For that to happen, you need a conversion solution that is packed with features based on latest technologies.

With OLM Extractor Pro from USL Software you get exactly that. The tool is the perfect conversion machine that has all the right features supported by latest technologies. The tool makes the process easier, quicker, accurate and adds a sense of security to it. The integrity of your data is maintained, and you are always in control of your OLM to MBOX transfer.

transfer olm to mbox

The Smartest Way to Deal with Large Sized Databases

Bulk Conversion is the bleeding edge technological feature that this converter tool provides you with. As the name suggests, the feature allows you to convert files in large numbers in a single attempt. The algorithms that the tool supports are the reason for this feature.

It provides the tool with the computational power to deal with such large volumes of data easily. Since the algorithms supported by the tool are also based on latest technologies, you don’t suffer from any kind of dip in the conversion quality. The tool also doesn’t make compromises on any other feature to achieve such high computational power. Therefore making it more efficient for you to convert OLM data to MBOX.

Interface that makes the process easier

The Interface of the tool bears a very initiative design. Unlike your usual interfaces, this one is clean, simple to understand and to the point. It only has the necessities on display which makes it very easy to understand and figure out what you need to do to proceed with your OLM to MBOX transfer.

The tool also comes with a step by step guide cum graphical wizard, that provides you with the instructions about the process. Therefore, you are never without help at every step of the process.

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