The Authoritative Software Tool to Export Thunderbird to PST File!

thunderbird to pst

Thunderbird – an excellent cross-platform email client – cannot save the data in Outlook data file called PST. Many times, if there’s a feature that’s missing from the client natively, the third-parties’ add-ins often come for the rescue. Using a large number of third-party add-ins, Thunderbird can do a lot more than possible through in-built default set of features. But sadly, not even an extension that you can install can help you when it comes to exporting Thunderbird to PST file.

Export Thunderbird to PST file

But there are separate desktop-based email migration tools that can help you export data to different formats other than the natively supported format by the clients. Today, we are going to discuss one such dedicated MacOS software tool that exports data from Thunderbird to PST files in a seamless way. It is an authoritative tool that outperforms any other solutions of this category, based on the safety, ease of use, and the number of features it offers.

The tool that helps

The tool is called “Mail Extractor Pro” and has been one of the most used and reviewed Thunderbird to PST converter since its release. The advanced and yet simple to implement features make it truly seamless way to export your emails to a PST file without putting the integrity of the files at risk. It also introduces several other unique options like splitting large PST file, ignoring empty folders, Unicode and MIME support – that allow more control and customization than previously possible for such tasks.

export thunderbird to pst

Safe, Secure & Accurate Conversion

At its core are finely tuned and integrated algorithms for dealing with your email related information, such as headers, images, attachments, text formatting, links, and folders. These algorithms are highly adaptive and are optimized to work with all sorts of Thunderbird databases, like a business-based data or a personal user-based data. All of this provides an unmatched accuracy of the output files that is not attainable through any other means. You can finally be at peace during Thunderbird to PST files conversion knowing your images, metadata, headers, non-English characters, HTML format emails, folders hierarchy, and other details are safe and will be converted without any changes.

Fast & Auto Load Thunderbird Data

The speed also adds to the appeal of “Mail Extractor Pro.” When the most powerful and feature-packed tool runs slow and takes countless hours to give the desired results, you might find them impractical and useless despite their features. Saving time and productivity is what matters, at the end of the day. And this Thunderbird to PST file converter truly succeeds in keeping your productivity super sharp and intact. It converts even the largest Thunderbird databases to PST files in no time, without ever freezing or crashing.

Super Easy to Use

And finally, it’s the interface that unifies all the power and radiant features it has to offer. The user-interface plays a big role in the popularity of any tool, but makes even more of a difference in tasks so complex and daunting like email migration of Thunderbird to Outlook PST. “Mail Extractor Pro” does not slip away in this department as well, and brings forth a stunningly simple and intuitive way to interact with the tool in its full capacity. It bridges the gap between an expert and a complete beginner, at least, in Thunderbird to PST related tasks.

Free trial to evaluate

export thunderbird to pst file

“Mail Extractor Pro” has established itself an authoritative, trusting, and an appealing piece of software application, based on its amazing features, data accuracy, speed, and interface. The free trial gives you the chance see everything from up close and check out how it functions before getting on board with its full-licensed version.

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