Import EML to Outlook 2010 with this smart technique !

import eml to outlook 2010

To import EML files into outlook 2016 all you need is the companionship of the right software- Mail Extractor Pro by USL software perfectly fits the bill. It has all it takes to be the best ever mail converter, from fast conversion technique to all-round safety to various types of data. Everyone can count on its intuitive interface to guide through the otherwise complex mail conversion in a really smooth way.

import eml to outlook

Mail Extractor Pro can convert EML, MBOX, Mac Mail, Postbox and Thunderbird to PST file.

Get your hands on this software to import EML to Outlook 2016 instantly

The user of this software does not have to get involved in any sort of learning curve to use this software comfortably. Other than that, the process as well is quite short and requires one just to go through them in a step-wise manner.

  • The user will have to download and install this software to use it to import EML files to outlook 2013.
  • Once installed, the user can open it with a double-click and choose from the options provided. The user gets to choose from thunderbird, apple mail, Postbox, EML and MBOX. They can choose from any of them to convert to the PST format smoothly.
  • Thereafter, the software will automatically choose the folders, the users just have to deselect the files that they do not want to convert. They can also split the large files into smaller ones, they get to choose the number of files they want to split them into. Ticking the box on the right side lets them automatically ignore the empty folders.
  • After these steps have been dealt with, the user just has to send the command for the conversion. Here the process is finished and one just has to wait briefly for the results.

Fastest way to import EML to Outlook 2010

This EML to PST Converter is perfect for anyone who does not want to waste their time converting files manually. This software takes charge of the entire process, so the user does not have to spend time carrying any manual tasks. Also, as the conversion takes place in the mac device itself there is no need to transfer the files to windows first.

Another technique this software employs to save the users’ time from being wasted is bulk conversion. As users can convert multiple files at once, they are not required to carry the same process over and over again.

Proven safe for metadata and Unicode

Users of this software do not have to be dependent on any expert to convert any type of data. It comes fitted to convert files of all types on its own, as it is Unicode compatible. Along with being Unicode compatible it is also capable of preserving metadata. Rely on it to bring to you the finished output with the attachments and nested messages safe.

Keeps folder hierarchy intact

The folders and subfolders are arranged hierarchically by the software. They are arranged in the perfect order so that users do not have to struggle to find them.

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