Unveiling the Best Outlook to Entourage Converter that Will Make Migration Seem like a Breeze!

outlook to entourage

If you came here looking for the best Outlook to Entourage converter, which is easy to use, has friendly interface, keeps data safe, and offers a way for data migration that is complete and accurate – you will not be disappointed. This article talks about PST Extractor Pro tool from USL Software that is considered the finest amongst both experts at email migration but also between the normal, every day users who are just looking to quickly move their emails successfully without too much hassle.

outlook to entourage converter

Outlook to Entourage Converter

‘PST Extractor Pro’ helps you in moving from Outlook to Entourage in the following way:

  • You start by exporting your Outlook data to its PST file, which can be done by simply going to File  Import and Export  Import/Export  Export to a program or file  selecting PST file
  • Then load that PST files from the first step into “PST Extractor Pro”
  • See if you want to convert all the folders from that PST file or would like to exclude some of them if they are not needed.
  • Lastly, just select “Entourage” to specify the format in which you want the data to be converted to (Notice you can also select other formats, like Apple Mail, Thunderbird, Postbox, MBOX, and EML)
  • Then open Entourage and open/import the converted files

If you have ever preciously tried to convert Outlook to Entourage using a tool or manual techniques, you will be quick to notice how much simple the above procedure is in helping you migrate the data. It doesn’t demand any complex inputs from the users, skips over all the unnecessary and complicated technical steps (like metadata modifications, manually changing the headers, and so on).

Despite the simplicity, the PST conversion tool doesn’t let the accuracy of the output suffer in any way. In fact, it ensures that none of the information you can find in the original Outlook PST files is modified in any way.

All your graphics from inside the email messages, or attachments like media files or application files, or even text formatting – and everything else in the range – is fully executed for conversion by “PST Extractor Pro.”

Bonus features:

  • Converts contacts to VCF
  • Converts calendar to ICS
  • Merge contacts per folder to a single VCF file
  • Merge calendar data per folder to a single ICS file
  • Also lets you convert PST to MBOX
  • Splits large MBOX files
  • Skipping of empty folders automatically
  • Filtering types of folders (Mails, Contacts, Calendar) before conversion
  • Gives you the option to keep read and unread emails separate

If you want to try the free version, click the download link below. You can test it out in any way you want with your personal PST files.

Try this today

Try at https://www.pstextractorpro.com

“PST Extractor Pro” is brought to you by the top-rated email migration software company that has been around for years to help thousands of individuals and hundreds of companies to migrate their email data from one email client or format to another.

Other than their highly efficient tools, such as PST Extractor Pro itself, the company also offers services like technical support that’s available around the clock. There are also different licensing choices offered, so that everyone gets the best version that fits their needs within the fair price range.

With it, you can convert Outlook PST to Mac Mail, Thunderbird, Postbox, Entourage (*.rge), MBOX, EML, ICS & VCF file format.

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