Low cost Apple Mail to MBOX format conversion with this tool

Apple mail conversion is a rough job. To convert Apple mail to MBOX format you need a very competent and strong tool. The complexities of the task a very severe and one mistake can lead to complete destruction of a database. The only tools which provide safe haven for Apple mail’s conversion to other formats are very expensive. However, there is one tool which provides low cost but quality Apple mail to MBOX format conversion. This tool is called Mail Extractor Max by USL software.

apple mail to mbox

Benefits of using this Apple mail to MBOX conversion tool

This tool is a true value for money. It has been conceptualize with the primary aim of making customer experience of Apple mail conversion to other formats simple and joyful process. The tool achieves its primary purpose with features that are very well arranged. It also enhances customer’s satisfaction with its low priced licenses. Everyone, irrespective of their technical knowledge or financial support can use this tool to convert Apple mail to Thunderbird or Postbox easily.

convert apple mail to mbox

Let’s look at the way it helps in the conversion process

Simple conversion made possible

The tool has a very simple interface. This allows for easy and smooth conversion of Apple mail to MBOX files. Customers do not have to feel the complexities of the task at hand. The tool makes sure of that. The tool also enables customer to convert Apple mail with the help of its self-explanatory wizards.

Complete conversion guaranteed

This tool also makes it possible to have comprehensive transfer of Apple mail to MBOX format. The tool can convert not only texts but also embedded images, nested mails and attachments of any size or kind. This tool has enough support to also preserve text of any language. For complete and thorough conversion of Apple Mail files to MBOX files, there is no better tool.

Versatility redefined

This tool is a complete package you need for Apple mail to MBOX conversion. There will never be a time when you will feel that you need any other tool to convert Apple mail to MBOX or Postbox. This tool can convert Apple mail to MBOX format. It converts Apple mail to Outlook, Thunderbird and to Postbox.

Let’s see how this tool helps you financially

This tool has been made available in three licenses. This has been done to ensure that customers of any financial background enjoy the benefits of this tool.

The family license of the tool is priced at $49. It can be used by any five members of the family.

The commercial license of this tool is priced at $199. It can be used by a small enterprise or a technician’s group. This license enables small businesses to grow larger and extend their services.

Enterprise license of the tool has been offered at $ 599 only. This enables large corporations with multiple presences to convert their huge Apple mail database to any format they like.

Get a free trial for the best results

The most amazing benefit of this tool is that you can try the tool for free. This tool has a free trial version with which you can convert Apple mail to any format you like for any time you like.

Get your free trial at https://www.mailextractormax.com/

Apple Mail to MBOX Conversion

Download it right now and see the benefits!

Experience the Best Thunderbird to PST conversion With This Tool

Thunderbird to PST conversion is a difficult task which needs proper supervision of a tool. When the right tool is chosen, the task is completed in no time at all. However, this can always get better. We can always have free conversions of Thunderbird. This has been made possible with the help of a revolutionary tool called Mail Extractor Pro by USL software. It offers a free trial that you can use for a limited time.

Thunderbird to Outlook

Mail Extractor Pro can convert data from Apple Mail to PST, Thunderbird/Postbox and MBOX to PST file format for Mac & Windows Outlook.

Amazing Thunderbird to PST converter software

This amazing converter tool has all the features which this tough task requires. The speed smoothness and efficiency of it is unparalleled. The tool can solve every problem of Thunderbird to PST conversion without any hassle.

The cherry on the top is its free trial version. This has been provided to ease customer’s decision making process. The demo version of this tool provides you with ample opportunities to fully explore the tool.

Given below are some of the features of this tool that you have to really look out for:-

Easiness of the job

The job has been simplified to such an extent by this amazing Thunderbird to PST converter software that you will never feel the complexity of the task at hand. The tool has a simple but very powerful interface. It is smooth and very user friendly. It makes the conversion process understandable to the customer with the help of its self-explanatory wizards.

Thorough conversion

Conversion of Thunderbird to PST by the stool is always thorough and complete. This is the primary task of this tool and it makes sure that no stone is unturned in making it a huge success. Customers will easily find their mails, attachments, nested mails, embedded images and metadata content converted to PST format.

The pace of conversion

This spectacular Thunderbird to PST converter has breathtaking speed of conversion. It can convert your entire Thunderbird database to PST format in just a matter of minutes. Execute the task in no time and be done with it. The tool further makes sure that no data is harmed or lost in the process. The accuracy of conversion remains the same regardless of the high speed of conversion.

Getting rid of the conversion process once and for all

With the help of this tool all you need is one attempt at this task. In only your first attempt you can convert entire Thunderbird database to PST format. Then, you are free to do anything you like.

Best ending ever to Thunderbird to PST conversion

The tool also makes it a priority to give this repressed ask a Fairy-tale ending. It converts Thunderbird to PST without disrupting the folder arrangement. This helps in easy access of the converted files.

Test the free demo

If you want to convert Thunderbird to PST for free or for a price, then your search has come to rest. We wish you all the success in your future Thunderbird to PST conversion endeavors.

Thunderbird to Outlook Conversion

Test the free trial now to convert Apple Mail to Outlook, Thunderbird to Outlook, Postbox to Outlook and import MBOX to Outlook 2019 & other versions

A tool that converts Apple Mail to PST and its usage related FAQs

Mail extractor pro, is a conversion tool that converts various kinds of Apple mailing data to PST. It is one of the best Apple mail to PST converters in the market. The use of this tool is on the rise and with the rising usage come a lot of queries as well. This FAQs list answers some usage related important questions which can come in handy in the need of hour.

apple mail to pst

FAQ for Converting Apple Mail to PST

Q1. Does it convert the data chronologically?

A1. The question has its root in the idea as to whether the converted data has a different order of organization or not. Well, you can relax as this tool smartly converts the data while maintaining its structure. It takes care of preserving folder hierarchy all through the conversion process. To sum up, the converted data is the exact replica of the original data, just in a different format.

Q2. What is the extent of data that it can convert?

A2. Cent percent data is converted when Mail Extractor Pro is doing the job. It is a comprehensive conversion tool that can convert every detail like attachments, to and from data, timestamps, read/unread status, etc.

Q3. What are the formats that this tool can convert?

A3. It is most widely used to convert Apple mail to PST. However, it can further convert Thunderbird, Postbox, and MBOX to PST. The files that are converted from Apple mail to PST can be directly imported to Mac Outlook and Windows Outlook for further usage.

Q4. What if I get stuck during the conversion process?

A4. The answer is you wouldn’t as the tool is completely bug-free and doesn’t hang at all. You experience a smooth conversion which completes in an automated set-up. If you do get stuck at some point however, then there is a round the clock dedicated helpline for the users. They accommodate any kind of problem in the friendliest manner.

Q5. What will be the file size of the data?

A5. One of the great features that come associated with this Apple mail to PST converter is that you can split your large PST files. This means, that during the conversion process you can keep a check on the file size and can decide to split it up as per your requirements as well.

Q6. What is the difference in free and paid version?

A6. Mail Extractor Pro is an Apple mail to PST converter software that has been rolled out in two different versions. The paid full version has all the exciting features with an added benefit of free lifetime updates. There is a 24*7 dedicated customer care available for those seeking help relating to the use of this conversion tool. The second version is a free trial version. This version has all the features that are there in the full version. The only difference is that in trial version, one can convert only 10 files per folder in a conversion process. There is no such restriction in the full version.  For anyone interested, the links for both the versions can be found here.

OST to PST Conversion best and simple way

OST Extractor Pro is a product by USL software which specializes in making email converter tools. The tool has all the premium features which can be utilized by real professional tool for Making OST to PST Conversion easy and comprehensive. Plus, the technological and customer support provided by USL software makes OST Extractor Pro more reliable and attractive. With its wide range of testimonials and credibility, we can assure you that it is the only missing link between you and a successful OST to PST Conversion.

USL software is known for its amazing email converter tools and customer service. This gives OST Extractor Pro its reliability quotient and also inheritance of an astounding customer support. OST Extractor Pro has been conceptualized and materialized after meticulous planning and research. It is bound to be great.

OST to PST Conversion Tool

You need OST Extractor Pro because of the simple fact that it is the best tool for OST to PST Conversion. The tool has two primary tasks – one is OST extraction and other is OST conversion. The tool excels at both of them and exceeds customers’ expectations.

Given its full faith in OST Extractor Pro’s capabilities, a free trial version of the tool has been provided by USL software. This demo version helps customers to see the tool’s strategies in action for themselves and verify whether it is worth investment or not.

ost to pst conversion

OST to PST Conversion in Mac & Windows

Before you head over to OST Extractor Pro’s website to download the tool, given below are the list of requirements you need to take care of:-


OST Extractor Pro only works with MAC OS 10.11, 10.12, 10.13.

For Windows

In Windows OST Extractor Pro does not require Microsoft Outlook anymore. However, it requires Microsoft .NET framework 4.0 or higher.

It is only compatible with Outlook 97 to 2016 or office 365 OST files, along with Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 and server 2008/2012.

ost to pst conversion in mac & windows

Interactive Wizard

OST Extractor Pro has a very simple Graphical user interface. It is friendly and highly interactive. Plus, it employs self-explanatory wizards which can make OST to PST Conversion a cakewalk.

OST Extraction

OST Extractor Pro can also extract OST files from any location on computer. It has the capability to even extract lost, damaged or corrupt files with ease. The tool is a true professional in OST extraction, as its name suggests.

Complete OST to PST Conversion

For a comprehensive OST to PST Conversion to take place, we need to have all OST files. This is made sure by the amazing OST extraction feature. After that we need to make sure that the tool does not leave any content of the mail behind. With OST Extractor Pro, there is no need to worry about that. OST Extractor Pro is very successful in handling conversion of every content of OST mails. From nested mails to embedded images to attachments, everything is converted to PST format with the help of OST Extractor Pro.

Bulk conversions

OST Extractor Pro can easily handle bulk conversions. With the help of batching, it can convert any size of OST database in the shortest time possible without compromising on the quality of conversion.

Preservation of folder hierarchy

OST Extractor Pro also keeps the folder hierarchy intact. This amazing feature helps customers immensely in the post-conversion process. This way customer can find their desired file in the exact location where it was saved.

Grab OST Extractor Pro at https://www.ostextractorpro.com/!

Move Data Effective from Clients Supporting EML files to Windows or Mac Outlook by Converting EML to PST

Moving EML files to Mac or Window Outlook

Outlook is one of the finest email programs out there, which is available for both Windows and Mac users. However, it has one limitation that makes importing data from other formats that are not difficult.

Outlook uses its own proprietary file format to import, export, backup, archive, and other operations with the data. To get the data imported from other clients not Outlook. One will have to face a few problems that may be too big for many users, beginners or otherwise.

In this post, we are talking about importing data from EML to PST files for Outlook Mac and Windows.

EML is a native format used in Windows Live Mail. It’s been since standard for storing email messages. EML format is used in many clients and programs, but sadly, not Outlook. Outlook uses its own proprietary format in Windows called PST and OLM in Mac. But the good thing about PST is that it is also able to import data to Mac Outlook.

To get all your data from EML to Outlook, you have to first convert EML to PST.

There are other manual ways too. Syncing data to a server using your Live Mail or other client that supports EML format. Therefore again syncing it back to Outlook from the servers.

But manual solutions like these are not worth your time. As they take too long and are not always precise in getting everything from the files and are hard to execute. Most users can compromise with few of the shortcomings of the manual methods, but it’s hard to accept the loss in data.

The one and only solution most would recommend is convert EML to PST.

But it’s not that simple to just change the files from *.eml to *.pst extensions. You are going to need some third-party solutions to do so.

The ordinary EML to PST converters do not reach to every part of your files, to the furthest corners. Which leads the failure to get the precision in output data that users need. There are lots of tiny details associated with emails that are important but are not processed by most file conversion utilities. The trickiest are images, attachments, the structure of folders, metadata, headers, MIME formatted data, and Unicode text. If you have tried the common EML to PST converters, you would find these elements in your database not correctly moved or converted. You will find broken empty areas where images were, the text characters in other languages like Chinese (using DBCS standard) do not appear correctly or at all, and other similar quite frustrating gaps in data integrity.

To deal with this problem, Gladwev Software came up with a professional Windows based tool, called “Mail Passport Pro”, which can be effective in both large-scale projects involving data migration and small scale. So, whether you are a beginner who just wants to convert the personal emails from EML to PST Outlook or an IT professional who is handed the task of getting a large amount of data successfully moved without integrity damage, “Mail Passport Pro” is for you.

The developers at Gladwev Software built it from the scratch. The process the tool implements to target the information within the EML files is precise down to the tiniest byte of information. So, you will not face any missing images, attachments, or anything that is not converted with regular EML to PST conversion tools.

Convert EML to PST

Mail Passport Pro” is built to remove any other problems that you face during email migration, like not being able to convert more than one file at a time without crashing the tool, not being able to customize output PST files (like controlling the size and splitting large files), and not being able to understand the user-interface intuitively. All these limitations of a non-professional tools are now gone with “Mail Passport Pro.”

In addition to that, the tool now brings much required feature to map the folders from EML to PST without changing their original location in the hierarchy. Imagine finding all the folders in a different structure and location than originally in EML files. That is what a large portion of ordinary EML to PST converters do; they do not map the folders in their correct order, making it a painful task for users to later arrange them or make sense of their data.

That is not a concern anymore.

You can easily convert EML to PST in no time, get all the data elements moved securely, and be done with an otherwise challenging process without efforts.

The tech support of Gladwev Software adds that final missing link that could make an otherwise decent software solution inept. The 24 x 7 available support team will get you out of any situation you feel wedged in and not able to get out on your own. There are cases where some unique cases of users’ databases might raise some queries in them, and then, a team of experts backing you up is a priceless feature. That is what makes “Mail Passport Pro” a complete package of tool and service from Gladwev Software, and not merely a file converter that you can find plenty online.

The free version converts ten items from each folder inside the EML Files, while the full version can convert unlimited files, folders, and everything inside them. The free version can let you check out all the features and the interface of the tool. Click the link below to download the setup file.

Mail Passport Pro:  http://www.mailpassportpro.com

Note that “Mail Passport Pro” is actually a full conversion utility for all email file formats and databases in Mac operating system to Outlook PST files. So, you can convert more than just EML to PST and also you can convert your Apple Mail, Outlook for Mac, Thunderbird, Gmail, Postbox, Entourage database, and even standard MBOX files.

Best ever tool for Mac Mail conversion

The people who have their mail data stored since years in the Apple Mail format and are moving to a new device, converting the mails into the format of the new mail client is integral to their safety. Instead of using the manual method, however, we suggest you to use the Mail Extractor Max. This tool takes away the difficulties involved in mail migration and allows them to easily migrate the data to the choice of the format of the client.

apple mail conversion

Apple Mail Conversion Tool:

The Mail Extractor Max is one of the third party mail conversion tools manufactured to counter the complicated steps involved in to migrate mails from one operating system to another. This app has the ability to convert Apple mail to a new mail client like Outlook, Entourage, or Thunderbird. It is a powerful methodology to convert mails to various formats like Outlook 2011, EML, Thunderbird etc. Other significant features of this too are:

High conversion speed:

In opposition to consuming large chunks of time while converting Apple Mail to the format of the choice of the clients, the Mail Extractor Pro finishes off the task in least amount of time possible. Thus the client is saved not only from a lot of complicated steps but also saves large amount of time.

Simple to use:

Having the Mail Extractor Max as one’s mail converter tool is a lucky chance for anyone since it is within the ambit of all kinds of users. No client finds is operation tough thanks to the user-friendly GUI of the tool. Even people with no idea of the methods involved in to migrate mails can use this tool to convert their mails like a pro.

Preserves unique content:

All kinds of unique and different content are kept in their original state by this tool. It has the ability to recognize and work with different kinds of text elements like metadata, Unicode, headers, non-English languages, double-byte characters etc. The capacity to convert files of non-English languages is crucial since it is common to receive mails from one’s international clients, and this tool provides that rare service. In addition to this, it also preserves mail attachments in their proper order.

Bulk conversion:

This feature lets the client choose as many files as they want at once and convert them in batches. This feature is quite helpful in speeding up the process of conversion and saving the clients’ time. It is indeed preferable to converting files individually which consumes large amounts of time.

Try Free For Apple Mail Conversion

We have got a free trial version for the sake of the clients who would like to check the usefulness of these features for their need. Speed and interface can be tested through the trial version as well. The link to this version is available with the full version of the tool. If you want to know more about the tool or need any kind of help, feel  free to contact them.

Get your free trial here – https://www.mailextractormax.com/ for Apple Mail conversion.

Searching for answers on “ How to convert OST to PST”?

Well if you have been looking for answers for how to open ost in outlookor something to similar to it. Then you are at the right place. As we move ahead with this article we will be answering all these questions for you. So keep reading.

Why do you need “OST recovery”?

An OST file is an offline file that is used by the windows Outlook to save all the files that are not uploaded to the server. This gives the freedom to the users using the Windows Outlook to work offline even when they do not have an internet connection. Also, not only this but the back up of all your emails is also kept in the OST format so that you can use them as and when needed. If you try and delete this backup file still the Outlook will create another backup OST file for the backup purpose.

This was all about the OST file. But one of the important things about the OST files is that they are the offline files and cannot be used by the users directly. That is, the user needs to convert the file in OST to PST file so that they can make use of the data.

Data Recovery

Now this conversion cannot be done manually, hence you need a tool that can help you with the recovery and the conversion of the data. Many of the tools available in the market provide with the recovery of the data. But the main issue with all such tools is that they do not provide 100% data recovery.

Now when we talk about 100% data recovery it means that the data that is present in the OST format is not usable by the users when recovered in the PST format. The data is either in the metadata format which is useless for the users or the data that is recovered is in the Unicode format.

A data that is not fully readable by the user is more or less useless. Also, the tools available in the market do not address the issue of the recovery of not text data. The non-textual data can be your presentation files, can be your images or the audio and video clips. Hence a tool is needed that can help you in recovering data that is not only in the text format but also the data that is not in the text format.

OST Conversion Tool

One such conversion tool available in the market to help you with the recovery of OST file is the OST Extractor Pro. It is an amazing tool that is designed for the home users and also for the professionals.  The user interface is so simple to use that it makes it easy for the home users that are using the software for the very first time. No prior technical knowledge is needed to use the OST Extractor Pro.

Try now at https://www.osttopstconverter.site/

OST recovery

With OST Extractor Pro you also get ost to pst converter free download in the form of the trial version.

Migrating Mac Mail to Thunderbird

Tool that supports conversion of the entire range of contents while Migrating Mac Mail to Thunderbird. One of the only few tools to offer data migration that leaves no trace of data loss and integrity compromise.

Migrating Mac Mail to Thunderbird

Email files are complex. They no longer contain mere text but a whole range of complex elements, ranging from MIME headers, email attachments include cloud-based files, Unicode text, and more. This makes migration of data across email clients incredibly challenging. One of such migration tasks – migrating Mac Mail to Thunderbird – is particularly tricky. Not just because of the data complexity but because of the lack of any common data file shared with both clients and also because of no proper professional solution, either officially by Mac or Mozilla or by any third parties.

Migrating Mac Mail to Thunderbird

But that is about to change. USL Software brings a powerful, simple, and accurate tool to get all your data elements from Mac Mail to Thunderbird. It has the sophisticated algorithms required to process data and outputs files with no traces of data loss or damage to the fidelity of information. This means whatever your database contains inside Mac Mail will be cleanly and precisely dealt with during conversion. It will extract every byte of information.

Many migration tools for Mac Mail to Thunderbird suffer from lack of adequate algorithms to handle the information the databases can contain. Here is a list of some of those elements that ordinary tools don’t convert. Leaving you with damaged integrity in output Thunderbird files.

Arrangement/order of your folders:

With the amount of emails being sent and received daily increasing, it’s become common to arrange all those emails into folders and those folders into sub-folders and so on. This arrangement of folders is called folder hierarchy and is acutely susceptible to loss and damage during migration.

Unicode text:

Unicode is a standard encoding system used for many languages and text characters. It includes UTF-8, UTF-16, DBCS, ASCII, and more. Many migration tools are incomplete with the support for Unicode text conversion, leading to missing text in output Thunderbird files.

Images or any graphical content:

Emails are filled with graphical content these days, ranging from photos to graphs, icons, logos, bars, charts, and more. Every official email contains at least some form of graphical information (as opposed to simply text) and this information is often partially converted by generic data migration tools. You will either find them altogether missing from output or are broken and modified.

MIME headers:

Email headers contain information like sender and receivers’ email addresses, Time and Date, CC, BCC, and more. At some point, MIME standard was introduced to format email headers that contain non-English characters, non-text attachments (media and application files), message bodies with multiple parts. And even though virtually every email today is formatted using MIME, you can still find many migration tools not fully supporting it, especially the headers.

If you want to migrate Mac Mail to Thunderbird cleanly, you need to find a professional converter. That can take care of all these complex elements of the Mac Mail’s database. Luckily, there’s one that has full support for the conversion of the entire range of such data elements. It is “Mail Extractor Max”.

Migrating email databases can get quite exhausting, if you are not an expert. And even being an expert can sometimes get you in trouble, especially due to the data integrity loss, if you are not using a professional tool. “Mail Extractor Max” is that professional tool.

It has a friendly UI, useful features for controlling the output files, and a 24 x 7 customer support.

You can find the installer file here. You can give it a try through the completely free trial version.

Choosing the ideal OST to PST converter is now possible for you

Nowadays, more and more people are putting a lot of time and effort into choosing the best product, whatever it may be. With the increase in demand there are so many options that you are sure to get confused. Choosing the product that is suitable for you among so many can be an exhausting task. This also applies to email conversion softwares of which there are so many third party options available. The security of all your email communications and personal data can be at risk if you use an unreliable tool.

Try the OST Extractor Pro for free and experience its magic

If you are a user of Windows or MAC Outlook who wants to recover or convert their OST file to PST and are unable to decide on which tool to use. USL Software has created the most trustworthy OST to PST converter software. It is called the OST Extractor Pro. It is a professional tool that has been expressly designed to safeguard the OST to PST conversion process. So that the users don’t lose their important data. The OST Extractor Pro is the ultimate solution to preserve your valuable data because it provides 100% assurance of complete result accuracy and file preservation. This tool has been designed by experts to specially ensure 100% data security and does not require any previous technical experience to operate successfully.

OST to PST converter

OST to PST Converter Software

The problem with most of the OST to PST converter software found on the internet is that they are either fake or cheap copies of original tools which are clearly not to be trusted.

OST Extractor Pro also boasts many features that prove that it is the ideal OST to PST conversion software. During the recovery and conversion of OST file, OST Extractor Pro does not leave any sort of data behind and recovers all emails, attachments, metadata, contacts, calendar data, folder hierarchy, etc. It supports all major languages, even those that use double byte characters like Japanese or Korean. It has the ability to process large OST files at exceptionally high speeds without compromising its efficiency. It’s very simple user interface allows even amateurs to use it effortlessly. It automatically scans the user’s database which can save a lot of time. The user also has the option to recover the OST file and convert it to multiple formats besides PST, like MBOX, Thunderbird, Apple Mail Archive, EML and Postbox. OST Extractor Pro supports all versions of Windows and MAC Outlook.

OST to PST Converter free trial

The great thing about OST Extractor Pro is that you can download the OST to PST converter free version from USL Software website. You can try out all its functions until you are completely sure. This demo version will let you convert ten files per folder. If you find this tool to suit your requirements, buy the full version. The full version will give you access to 24*7 customer support. Any problems with any feature of the tool, you can contact via live chat. Also, the full version will come with regular free updates.

Get the trial version here: https://www.ostextractorpro.com/.

Quickly Recover OST files using the trial version of OST Extractor Pro.

Try OST Extractor Pro to recover ost files and it works on both Mac Windows OS.

If you don’t wish to use the full version of the software immediately, use the trial version of the software now. It is available on https://www.ostextractorpro.com/.

Recover OST files with Ease

It is the safest tool in the market.

How the files are recovered by OST Extractor Pro?

You are aware of the OST file and its limitation. But let me briefly describe what these files are. OST files work offline and helps users to work when there is limited internet connectivity but they cannot be imported to the online servers directly due to their properties. OST files can’t be used by email clients directly.

To recover or repair the data in the OST files, we need to convert them in PST format or any other format according to the requirement. The whole process becomes really simple once the files are converted to PST format. OST Extractor Pro recover, repair and convert the files into the required format. It also helps in exporting the files to the online servers.

Trial version helps in recovering the files for free.

Trial version can convert ten items within each folder. So you can test the functionalities of the tool very easily. The UI is very friendly and advanced. The user finds really comfortable working with the tool.

Everything is mentioned on the help property of the tool. User has to follow the instruction and convert the files. Only few steps are required to be followed.

Tool accepts everything in the input file:

The data can be in any format. Tool accepts all the languages like Hindi, English, Japanese, Chinese, etc. It accepts all the file formats. Attachments like images, videos, notes etc. is easily converted by OST Extractor Pro. It has such a wide range of input formats that everything that goes inside the tool is recovered.

OST Extractor Pro supports many output formats:

Tool helps in converting the OST files to different formats like:

  1. PST
  2. Apple Mail
  3. Postbox
  4. Thunderbird
  5. EML

recover ost files

The process is very fast:

The tool converts the data in no time. It converts XGBs of file in couple of minutes. The process is so fast that files with small size are converted within seconds.

OST Extractor Pro leaves nothing behind:

Everything is recovered from the files. It gives you 100% recovery guarantee. No matter how big and complex the file is, tool takes care of everything and gives 100% accurate result. Damaged files and password protected files are also recovered with the help of the tool.

Hurry up and download the tool.

You can try the trial version anytime. There is no sign up required, no configuration required. Just download it from the page and start using it. No cost required to use the trial version. Test all the functionalities and then download the full version of the software.

For the full version of the software you can download it from the link below:

For windows & Mac: https://www.uslsoftware.com/convert-ost-to-pst.

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